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We deliver actionable investment tools for serious investors.

We supplement the short-term "noise" that dominates financial decision making, and focus on higher-quality analyses.

The analyses utilize machine learning combined with heuristics (i.e., rules) developed from many years of industry experience.

Our analyses are unique. Users can review news analysis that is unbiased by a user's own pre-determined ideas or beliefs.


More About FINIDEX

To help our users make better investing decisions, we utilize methods supported by sound finance and economic theory.

Regarding sharing: our platform supports collaboration, but we let users choose whether or not to collaborate through easy-to-find settings that turn on/off such functionality. Sharing only applies to, and is only available for, registered users – it isn't applicable or available to demo page users.

Please feel free to contact us (below) if you have any questions about our methodology, the user interface, or anything else. We provide several help pages accessible from the application page menu and many explanations embedded in the application (question-clicks).

We are a U.S. based company.


  • Free Demo Pages

    FINIDEX makes available several thousand free demo pages. These can be customized (for the current session). For users who would like to save changes, and try all of FINIDEX functionality, registration is currently free.

  • COR™

    The Confidence of Relationship is a measure of how confident a user can feel about associations and relational choices within an analysis. It is displayed next to each group item and represents an aggregated statistic, across all users, of how confident you can feel for including a group item for a given reference item.

  • Sharing

    FINIDEX allows sharing of investment frameworks, but not actual investment amounts. You get the full benefit of learning, but decision making remains PRIVATE. Users set their own permissioning levels. We offer comments, but comment-writers must be permissioned beforehand by FINIDEX so that comment writers are very knowledgeable, polite, helpful, constructive and write meaningful comments. You can set permissions to accept and/or display/share received comments.

  • News

    We provide you with an analysis of news based on your Groups and other factors, including an assessment of sentiment (positive, negative, neutral - with actual scores). If you permission for sharing, then you can also observe another user's Group and their customized news analysis, giving you the ability to see news through another person's perspective for the same stock or theme.

    Our News Analysis Process:

    Our News Analysis Process...
  • Market Data

    We provide you with prices (non-US equity prices are end-of-day currently), earnings estimates (US only currently), and access to some fundamentals (US only currently). We provide benchmark indexes (US, other regions, by industry, etc.) for comparisons and portfolio functionality.

  • Portfolio Calculations

    You can track an investment portfolio and include the portfolio items into your Equities Group, or into your Themes. This provides you with a link between your portfolio holdings and your Equities and Themes Groups. You can also share your portfolio page (not amounts/values, just positions and return percentages), depending on your permissioning choices.

  • Feedback

    FINIDEX enables a learning feedback loop, whereby the interaction among a Community of Users improves the analysis. Users set their own permissioning levels for their sharing related choices.

  • Automated Systems

    Through an API (only), FINIDEX may permission certain automated systems to participate just like a natural-person user. You choose, through your permission settings, whether to share / collaborate with automated systems (always clearly identified as such).

  • Plans

    We are in a 'beta' period. As we progress, our plans include enhancing the portfolio functionality, adding several charting tools, expanding data coverage (regions), advanced analytics, etc.

The Process

  • Select
  • Develop
  • Set-up
  • Collaborate
  • Enhance
  • Screenshot-summary


  • Screenshot-news-analysis

    News Analysis

  • Screenshot-value-stats

    Value Stats
    (relative value)

  • Screenshot-news-analysis-details

    News Analysis Details
    (deep dive / customization)



  • Session access to groups, customized news analysis

  • Additional features tba

First 30


  • Full access to watchlists, groups, customized news analysis, comments, messaging
  • Additional features tba



  • Full access to watchlists, groups, customized news analysis, comments, messaging
  • Additional features tba
  • Requires review of your qualifications. See here for details.


$ 4 / mo  ()

  • Full access to watchlists, groups, customized news analysis, comments, messaging
  • Additional features tba

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